EZ-Ject Herbicide Lance is the fastest, easiest way to selectively kill trees, stumps, woody brush.

The EZ-Ject Herbicide Lance from our sister company is easy to use and effective. Each ready-to-use EZ-Ject Herbicide Shell contains a small amount of chemical held in a dry, stable form within a brass shell. The systemic herbicides kill the tree completely and there is rarely any regrowth or suckers. Dead trees and stumps can be removed or left to decompose naturally. The applicator benefits from using the lance because it is lightweight, simple to use and causes less fatigue. It is easy to use in overgrown or difficult-to-reach areas. There is no mixing, measuring or spraying which minimize exposure risks. It is safer to use than chain saws as there are no blades, flying debris, fumes or noise. It needs minimal training and provides worry-free operation. And it works in any weather. For more information, click here.