ArborSystems Retriever Insecticide controls a variety of pests – Part One.

Now available from ArborSystems – Retriever Insecticide. Here are a few of the pests that Retriever controls: Adelgids, Adult leaf eating beetles (including European chafer, Japanese beetle and Oriental beetle), Aphids (including Cotton, Green, Peach, Melon and Wooly), Borers (including Flathead apple, but not Emerald ash or Asian longhorned beetles), Caterpillars (including Asian cycad scale, Cabbage looper, Diamondback moth, Fall army worm, Gypsy moth, Southern army worm and Tobacco bud worm), Citrus and other thrips (including Cotton, Palm and Western flower), Crane fly larvae, European pine sawfly and more… For the rest of the pests controlled and more information, click here.