ArborSystems Retriever Insecticide controls a variety of pests – Part Two.

Retriever Insecticide is now available from ArborSystems. And here are a few more pests that Retriever controls: Fungus gnat larvae, Hard and soft scales (including Caribbean black, Cottony maple, Euonymus, Fletcher, Florida wax, Green shield, Indian wax, Oyster shell, Pine needle, San Jose and Tea), Hemlock wooly adelgids, Leaf miners (including Chrysanthemum and Citrus leaf), Leafhoppers (including Glassy wing sharpshooter and Potato), Mealybugs (including Citrus, Longtail, Maderia, Obscure and Pink hibiscus), Psyllids, Scale insects (including Azalea bark, Calico, Gloomy), Strawberry weevils, Swede midge, Tentiform leaf miner and Whiteflies (including Banded, Giant, Greenhouse, Silverleaf and Sweet potato) and more… For the rest of the pests controlled and more information, click here.