A Thanksgiving Thank You!

May the good things of life be yours in abundance at Thanksgiving and throughout the coming year. Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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FAQ – What do I do with the WedgeCheks (plugs) that I am not using?

We have a WedgeChek Exchange program. It allows you to exchange one bundle of WedgeCheks for one Wedgle or Portle Tip and two bundles for a Portle Palm Tip. At no charge! How many bundles do you get free with every chemical purchase? You receive one bundle of WedgeCheks, sufficient to make 130 injections, with every 120 ml chemical pack. And eight bundles are included with the 1000 ml chemical pack used with our high-volume kit. WedgeCheks are self-sealing and used when making injections with our Wedgle or WedglePlus injection tips to keep the chemical in the tree when the tip is withdrawn. But WedgeCheks are not used with the Portle or Portle Palm Tips. For more information on the WedgeChek Exchange Program, click here.

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Treat trees faster with ArborSystems new SpeedChek Punch tool!

Trees will be treated faster with ArborSystems new SpeedChek Punch tool used with the Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System for injecting chemicals into trees. The Wedgle injection tip is inserted through a WedgeChek to insure that the chemical is placed deep into the active areas where it can be easily absorbed by the tree. WedgeCheks are put into the tree with the SpeedChek Punch tool. The WedgeCheks are mounted in a long strip for easier use and quicker operation. It is similar to a nail gun that uses nails in a strip providing a tree care professional with more efficiency and simplifying the tree care process. For more information, click here.

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See ArborSystems at TCI Expo Nov. 8-10 in Charlotte.

The TCI Expo, Tree Care Show and Conference sponsored by Tree Care Industry Association is Nov. 8 – 10 in Charlotte, NC. ArborSystems will be answering questions and demonstrating the Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System to arborists, urban foresters and tree care professionals. Watch the demo and then do-it-yourself. And with ArborSystems new SpeedChek Punch tool, trees will be treated even faster. In addition, their sister company, EZ-Ject will have their Soil Injectors, an easily transportable way for tree and shrub pesticide and fertilizer applications under the soil surface, and their Herbicide Lance, the fastest, easiest way to selectively kill trees, stumps, woody brush, on display. For more information if you are not able to attend the expo, click here.

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Don’t forget to clean your Wedgle before it is put away for the season.

You can clean it in a bucket of water or with the garden hose adapter. By cleaning your Wedgle Direct-Inject unit at the end of your work season, you will keep it from clogging or corroding for next year’s use. How? After removing your chemical pack, make your last injections for the day as there is approximately 2.5 ml of chemical retained in the injection unit. Submerge your unit in a bucket of water until the top QC coupler is underwater and squeeze the handles five to ten times. Then remove the injection tip from the unit and replace the dust plugs on both QC couplers. Or for more information on water flushing with the garden hose adapter, click here.

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FAQ – Are you able to treat pines and conifers through the fall?

Treatments can be made anytime during the growing season, which includes fall for conifers and pines, as long as the outside temperature is above 45 degrees. You can direct-inject pines and conifers through November with ArborSystems Shepherd Fungicide. And fall treatments provide a carryover to the following year giving a minimum of 12-month preventative and curative protection. Shepherd treats Diplodia Tip Blight, a fungus disease affecting pines, by direct injection which lets you place the chemical where the conifers can easily absorb it. No more spraying tall pines and avoid the chemical drift into unwanted areas. For more information, click here.

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Why is ArborSystems exhibiting at GIE+EXPO and TCI Expo?

We want you to see and try our trunk injection system and compare. You can actually inject a tree trunk and see how almost any tree is treated in five minutes or less. There is no drilling damage to trees because there is no drilling needed for our injection process. No mixing in the field. Everything you need is in one convenient case (so handy that one of our customers uses a mini car instead of a truck) and our injection tips are designed for trees, conifers and palms. Come see us at either Expo or check our calendar of events by clicking here.

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ArborSystems October 2018 Schedule and beyond…

Try ArborSystems Wedgle Direct-Injection Tree Treatment System at seminars, trade shows, conferences…Sept. 30 – Oct. 3 – International Urban Forestry Congress 2018, a partnership between Tree Canada’s Canadian Urban Forest Conference, Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture’s Annual Training Conference and Urban Tree Diversity Conference (UTD). – Vancouver, BC; Oct. 17-19 – GIE+EXPO: The Green Industry & Equipment Expo – Louisville, KY; and Nov. 8 – 10 – TCIA Expo, Tree Care Show and Conference sponsored by Tree Care Industry Association – Charlotte, NC. For more information, click here.

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Using the SpeedChek Punch

Using the SpeedCheck Punch

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Deluxe Case Contents

Deluxe Case Contents

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