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New Product Alert – Emamectin Benzoate in One-Quart Bottles.

Now introducing TreeMec Inject containing 4% Emamectin Benzoate in one-quart bottles. It can be used as formulated or diluted with water, (low, medium, medium-high and high rates). TreeMec® Inject is designed to be used with tree injection devices that meet … Continue reading

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Top insects, pests, diseases and conditions treated by ArborSystems.

We got you covered with our full line of insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulator, antibiotics and micronutrients. What does that mean to arborists, urban foresters and tree care professionals? ArborSystems tree trunk injection system handles all of your needs. Easily … Continue reading

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FAQ – Are you able to treat pines and conifers through the fall?

Treatments can be made anytime during the growing season, which includes fall for conifers and pines, as long as the outside temperature is above 45 degrees. You can direct-inject pines and conifers through November with ArborSystems Shepherd Fungicide. And fall … Continue reading

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Treat trees now to prevent leaf disease next Spring.

Leaf diseases such as Anthracnose, Diplodia Tip Blight, Dutch Elm disease, Crabapple Leaf disease, Oak Wilt disease and Powdery Mildew can be treated with ArborSystems Shepherd fungicide. The fungicide needs to be in the leaf before it emerges and is … Continue reading

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FAQ – Do you care about tree treatment?

Yes! We care about trees and the treatment of trees. We don’t drill holes to treat trees which causes permanent damage. Our treatment systems do not require chemicals to be mixed at a job site. Unlike other injection methods that … Continue reading

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FAQ – Or the answers about Honey Bees and ArborSystems Retriever Insecticide.

ArborSystems Retriever Insecticide is a neonicotinoid much like other pesticides but the active ingredient is Acetamiprid. This active ingredient has a high LD50 which means that it doesn’t have the “bad” characteristics of other neonicotinoids. For example, it is 400-600 … Continue reading

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Pesticides are in the news…ArborSystems Retriever Insecticide doesn’t present the same risks.

ArborSystems Retriever Insecticide is a neonicotinoid, much like other pesticides, but the active ingredient is Acetamiprid which is different than the ones in the news. Acetamiprid does not present the same risks to bees as other pesticides…400-600 times less toxic … Continue reading

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Uninvited tree insects and pests?

Tree pests are not invited into your yard but they are there. And that’s where ArborSystems comes in. Our tree treatment systems and chemicals are used by arborists, urban foresters and tree care professionals around the world. Direct-Inject insecticides protect … Continue reading

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Emerald Ash Borer, Whiteflies, Sudden Oak Death, Pine Wilt Disease, Aphids, Beetles and more….

These are just a few of the pests and diseases that ArborSystems Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System hardware and chemicals treat. Need a few more? Dutch Elm Disease, Leaf Miners, Hemlock Wooly Adelgids, Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose, Thrips, etc. And we … Continue reading

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FAQ – Can you treat Ash trees for Emerald Ash Borer all summer long?

Yes! All day long. All night long. All summer long. Unlike other treatment methods for two-year control of EAB that have to be done in the spring, ArborSystems Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System and Boxer Insecticide-Miticide (active ingredient Emamectin Benzoate) … Continue reading

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