The Wedgle Direct-Inject System is comprised of three primary components:

  1. The injection unit body that features two Quick-Connect (QC) couplers
  2. Chemical packs which snap on to the top QC coupler (A)
  3. Injection tips which snap on to the front QC coupler (B)

A variety of injection tip designs let you
treat more types of trees

Accessory Tips

Specialized Quick-Connect Injection Tips are designed to work with trees of various bark thickness and to place chemical precisely where each tree’s unique vascular structure can best use it. No drilling is required with any Quick-Connect Injection Tip.

Wedgle Injection Tip for Hardwoods

The original Wedgle Tip is the best choice for treating most hardwood trees. The wedge-shaped tip end deposits chemical where it can most easily be absorbed by the tree, in the cambial zone between the bark and outer ring of sapwood (the xylem). Choose from two lengths depending on bark thickness.

The Wedgle Tip is inserted while attached to the Wedgle Direct-Inject unit and is used with WedgeCheks (included with chemical purchase) which are small plugs that keep the chemical in the tree after the injection is made.

Tips are available in multiple sizes. Ask your distributor for details.

Portle Injection Tip for conifers and hard-to-treat

Portle Tips have multiple “ports,” ports, or openings, along the end of the tip which deliver chemical numerous points in the inner active layers of conifers, and allows you to inject more chemical at each injection site when desired. A check valve in the base of each tip keeps chemical in the tree until it is absorbed.

Portle Tips have also proven beneficial when injecting tough-barked hardwoods such as hackberry and hickory, thick-barked hardwoods such as elm and eucalyptus, or when the bark of any type tree becomes harder to penetrate when making late summer or fall injections. The short Portle Tip works well for injecting Sycamore and London Plane trees that can be difficult to inject with the Wedgle Tip.

The Portle Palm Tip has a pointed end that aids the tip in getting into the toughest plants. The chemical ports are recessed to minimize plant material from clogging the tip. It is designed to penetrate a palm's outer husk and deliver chemical into the inner active layers. Some palms require a starter or pilot hole to be drilled so injection tips can be easily inserted through the husk.

Tip Setter

The Tip Setter is used to set and remove Portle and Portle Palm Tips. The Tip Setter is used to drive these heavier injection tips deep into the active areas of conifers and palms, or through thick, tough outer bark of some hardwoods.

Conifer and Portle Palm Kits

Conifer and Portle Palm Kits contains everything you need to use the Wedgle Direct-Inject unit injector, including Tips, Tip Setter, tip cleaning and storage container, instruction guide and rugged case.