WedgeCheks are self-sealing plugs and used when making injections with our Wedgle or WedglePlus injection tips to keep the chemical in the tree when the tip is withdrawn.

Simple to use: Using the short end of the WedgeChek Punch or SpeedChek Punch, push a rubber WedgeChek into each hole in the bark. Then the Wedgle Injection Tip is inserted into the WedgeChek through the bark. The WedgeChek seals as the Tip is withdrawn, keeping chemical in the tree and keeping out air and pests. As the tree grows, the WedgeChek will be pushed out of the tree.

For training and testing purposes, 20 WedgeCheks are included with injection unit purchase. One bundle of WedgeCheks, sufficient to make 130 injections, is included with every 120 ml chemical pack. Eight bundles are included with the 1000 ml chemical pack used with our high-volume kit. (WedgeCheks are not used with the Portle or Portle Palm Tips -See WedgeChek Exchange Program below)

Using the WedgeChek

WedgeChek Punch

The WedgeChek Punch tool easily removes a small plug of bark that will accept a WedgeChek. A WedgeChek Punch tool is included with every Wedgle Direct-Inject System purchase.

SpeedChek™ Punch

SpeedChek Punch tool uses the WedgeCheks mounted in a long strip similar to a nail gun that uses nails in a strip for easier use and quicker operation. (SpeedChek is available for an additional charge)

Tip Setter

The Tip Setter is used to set and remove Portle and Portle Palm Tips. The Tip Setter is used to drive these heavier injection tips deep into the active areas of conifers and palms, or through thick, tough outer bark of some hardwoods.

Conifer and Portle Palm Kits

Conifer and Portle Palm Kits contains everything you need to use the Wedgle Direct-Inject unit injector, including Tips, Tip Setter, tip cleaning and storage container, instruction guide and rugged case.

WedgeChek Exchange Program

The WedgeChek Exchange Program allows a trade of one bundle of WedgeCheks for one Wedgle or Portle Tip and two bundles for a Portle Palm Tip. At no charge.