How to Treat Trees Fast

Treat more trees in less time. Fast Process – You can treat almost any tree in five minutes or less with the Wedgle Direct-Inject system.

  • No drilling, no power needed.
  • No waiting for uptake.
  • No guarding capsules.
  • No waiting for capsules to empty.
  • No time-consuming soil injections

Reduce your labor costs – The Wedgle Direct-Inject system is convenient and easy to use.

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Self-contained—no drills, hoses, spray equipment, power or trucks needed.
  • Ready-to-use containers require no mixing.
  • No drift or drip problems that happen with spraying.
  • Simple operator training.

Uses Less Chemicals – ArborSystems’ chemicals are injected right where the tree will use it.

  • Precision delivery system requires less chemical for proven control.
  • One application provides season-long control.
  • Immediate uptake provides control in two to five days.
  • Effectively protects tree health.
  • No permanent wounding caused by drilling.