Delivers proven results compared to foliage spray.

Effectively Inject Conifers and Pines

ArborSystems specially-designed Portle Tips and Tip Setter places the chemical into the active areas of conifers and palms where it can be easily absorbed. Click here for more information on Direct Injection Tips.

Treat more types of trees, more effectively with ArborSystems tree trunk injection hardware and chemicals. Chemicals are delivered fast and effectively at a known dose rate with virtually no environmental exposure associated with foliage spray. ArborSystems offers the ability to provide direct-inject treatments of the following trees and plants:

  • Conifers
  • Pines
  • Firs
  • Spruces
  • Evergreens
  • Scots pine trees
    (Scotch pine)
  • Hemlocks
  • Palms
  • And moreā€¦

Prevent Diplodia Tip Blight

A single application of Shepherd Fungicide provides protection (suppression) against Diplodia Tip Blight. Treatments can be made any time during the growing season including the fall. Treatments made during one year generally carry over to the following year, providing a minimum of 12 month preventative and curative protection. Click here for more information on Shepherd Fungicide.

Reduce Pine Wilt risk

One application of Greyhound Insecticide reduces Pine Wilt risk for up to 3 years. Treatments can be made during the Spring, Summer or Fall. Click here for more information and a research study conducted by University of Nebraska. Click here for more information on Greyhound Insecticide.