Plant Growth Regulators –

Reduce tree growth up to 70%Treated / Untreated

Mastiff PGR is a plant growth regulator (PGR) which produces desirable growth reduction in a wide variety of ornamental trees. With a single Mastiff PGR application, vegetative growth generally is reduced by up to 70% over a three-year period.
Mastiff condenses shoot elongation and stimulates root development, limiting growth while boosting drought and stress tolerance.
Mastiff reduces growth up to 70%
Mastiff is ideal for trees:

  • Planted too close together
  • Too close to homes, decks, sidewalks
  • Along scenic or retail lines of sight
  • Near utility and power lines
  • In containers or tree wells

Mastiff reduces growth damage to side- walks, patios, and decks; and helps you extend trimming cycles and protect views.

End Messy Fruit and Seed Cleanup

PinscherMessy Gingko Tree

Pinscher PGR greatly reduces flowering and fruit/seed set without compromising tree health. Annual applications of Pinscher PGR will substantially reduce cleanup, maintenance labor, and associated costs.

Use on ornamental trees with undesirable fruit or seed production that requires ongoing cleanup or causes turf maintenance problems.