Standard Kit

Carrying case

Carrying Case

Lightweight aluminum 10" x 15" carrying case safely holds injector, all accessories needed to treat hardwood trees, and up to five chemical packs. Case and accessories are included with every Wedgle Direct-Inject unit purchased.

WedgeChek™ Punch

Use long end of the WedgeChek Punch to remove bark plugs. Working around the flare of the tree, push the WedgeChek Punch into the bark. Twist the Punch and pull to remove a small plug of bark. The resulting hole will accept a WedgeChek.

multipurpose tool

Multipurpose Tool

With our multipurpose tool and a straightened paper clip, you can complete all injection unit maintenance and service functions.

Watch our How-To Videos for step-by-step instructions.



These accessories are included with every injection unit purchase:

  • Two priming-water bottles
  • Six Wedgle Tips
    (Four .75", two 1.5")
  • WedgeChek punch
  • 40 WedgeCheks
  • Deflector shield
  • Safety glasses
  • Multipurpose maintenance tool
  • Tape measure
  • Replacement O-rings
  • Instruction guide with parts chart
  • Homeowner sales brochure sample
  • Warranty registration card
  • ArborSystems ballcap


The Self-Sealing WedgeChek

Using the short end of the WedgeChek Punch, push a rubber WedgeChek into each hole in the bark. The WedgeChek lets you easily slide a Wedgle Injection Tip through the bark. The WedgeChek seals as Tip is withdrawn, keeping chemical in the tree and keeping out air and pests. As the tree grows, the WedgeChek will be pushed out of the tree.

For training and testing purposes, 20 WedgeCheks are included with injection unit purchase. Additional WedgeCheks are included with each chemical purchase.