How to add your company information to the brochures

Each brochure shown here is provided in a PDF document form. You can open and print this PDF yourself or send it to printing vendor. Follow these steps if you would like to add your company information prior to printing.

For this process to work, you must have Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional application (software). This will not work with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  1. Create your own company information (logo, address, phone, web address, etc.) within a 3″ wide x 2″ tall area, using any program that allows you to save your file as a PDF. Note the filename and location on your computer.
  2. Open a brochure PDF in Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional.
  3. Go to Tools > Commenting > Stamps > Create Custom Stamp
  4. From the pop up screen, select Browse.
  5. An Open File box will pop up.
  6. Find the file you created (your company information) in the Look in drop down box. Once you have found the correct filename hit Select. Then hit OK to accept this “stamp” (stamp is the name Adobe Acrobat uses to describe your company information file).
  7. In the next screen you are asked to place your new stamp into a category. Select the Standard Business category. Then give the stamp a name of your choice. Once you select the category and name the stamp, hit OK.
  8. To use the stamp, go to Tools > Commenting > Stamps and go to the Standard Business category. All the stamps in that category will pop up. Select the stamp you created by left clicking on the stamp.
  9. The stamp will then be visible on the brochure PDF and all you have to do is left click on your mouse or hit enter and the stamp is added to the brochure document.
  10. Once the stamp is in the brochure document you can adjust the size and location of the stamp. Click on the stamp; select one of the corners to adjust its size and/or click and drag it to the open area on the back panel of the brochure.
  11. Now the brochure document contains your own company information. Save the file. You can print this brochure yourself or send it to your printing vendor.