ArborSystems Direct-Inject System and chemicals are the easy, fast, tree friendly way to treat trees.

Chemicals Delivered Directly Inside the Tree

  • Virtually no environmental exposure.
  • Precision delivery at a known dose rate uses less chemical.
  • Protect children and pets from the exposure risks of spraying, soil injections or unguarded caplets.

Only No-Drill Tree Trunk Injection System Available

  • Don’t put your tree’s health at risk by allowing treatment methods that require drilling.
  • Protects tree health.
  • Keeps the tree’s ability to move and store water.
  • Safeguards nutrients movement within the tree.

Why is No-Drill Injection Important?

  • ArborSystems no-drill injection method is comparable to a small scratch or vaccine injection site that heals quickly.
  • Injections require drilling are comparable to a cut that requires stitches or a larger, open wound prone to infections and disease.

Proven Field Results

  • ArborSystems products can cure tree pest infestations. Too many trees have been cut down that could have been saved. For example, since 2001, Direct-Inject applications of Pointer Insecticide have saved thousands of trees from Emerald Ash Borer, preventively and curatively, even in heavily infested areas.
  • One application of GreenTree Pro Nutriboosters helps stressed, weak, or yellowing trees regain health and vitality, green up and leaf out.
  • Protect your Scotts Pines. One application of Greyhound Insecticide reduces the risk of Pine Wilt disease for up to three years.
  • Trees planted too close to your home, sidewalks, or interfering with desirable views? Mastiff PGR can provide desirable growth management and improve tree vitality.