Utilities/Power Companies

ArborSystems Direct-Inject System and chemicals are the easy, fast, tree friendly way to treat trees.

  • Plant Growth Regulators let you effectively manage tree growth.
  • Reduce your tree trimming cycles from two or three years, to four or five years.
  • Reduce your need to prune trees saving on maintenance costs.
  • Lower power outage risks.
  • Mastiff PGR is ideal for municipal and utility corridor trees.

  • Fast process lets you treat almost any tree in five minutes or less.
  • Wedgle Direct-Inject tree treatment system is the least labor intensive of any trunk injection system on the market.
  • Minimal operator training required.
  • No power or drilling needed to make applications.
  • Exposure risks are virtually eliminated—no need to post, move cars or deal with risks of overspray.
  • Precision delivery at a known dose rate uses less chemical.
  • No-drill injection system protects tree health, eliminates permanent wounding.
  • Proven Field Results published by leading national researchers.

  • No drilling.
  • No guarding.
  • No waiting for uptake.
  • No permanent wounding caused by drilling.