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New Product Alert – Emamectin Benzoate in One-Quart Bottles.

Now introducing TreeMec Inject containing 4% Emamectin Benzoate in one-quart bottles. It can be used as formulated or diluted with water, (low, medium, medium-high and high rates). TreeMec® Inject is designed to be used with tree injection devices that meet … Continue reading

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Two-year control of Emerald Ash Borer with Boxer Insecticide.

ArborSystems Wedgle Direct Injection Tree Treatment System no drilling trunk-inject applications has saved thousands of Ash trees, providing proven control of EAB, preventively and curatively, even in heavily infested areas since 2002. Whether you use ArborSystems Boxer Insecticide (Chemical: Emamectin … Continue reading

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Use ArborSystems to treat Whiteflies on Palms easily around pools and patio furniture.

ArborSystems Direct-Inject Tree Injection System using our Pointle Palm Tip penetrates a palm’s outer husk and delivers the chemical deep into the inner active layers. Our Tip Setter drives the tip into the palm and is also used to remove … Continue reading

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FAQ – Can I use ArborSystems tree trunk injection chemicals in my state?

ArborSystems Insecticides, Fungicides, Antibiotics, Plant Growth Regulators and MicroNutrients have to be registered in your state. And they must be used by a tree care professional, urban forester, arborist, etc. Our Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System treats most trees in … Continue reading

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FAQ – Insecticides, Fungicides, Antibiotics, Plant Growth Regulators and MicroNutrients are available from ArborSystems.

Yes, we have everything you need for tree treatment. And easy to use. Everything is ready to go – no mixing at job sites. Our chemical packs snap on to the injection unit top Quick-Connect coupler so changing chemical packs … Continue reading

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Plan now for spring tree applications with your Wedgle.

Not sure about timing, read the product label. And know that there is a difference between chemicals for tree applications. Our Greyhound and Pointer Insecticides used as a preventative should be applied in the spring prior to insect activity in … Continue reading

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Control webworm, caterpillars, mites, nematodes and more with Greyhound Insecticide.

Did you know? ArborSystems Greyhound Insecticide controls Lepidoptera insects such as Gypsy moth, Sphinx caterpillars, Mimosa Webworm, and Tent caterpillars. And there are the Mites, Nematodes including Pinewood Nematodes, Elm Leaf Beetles, Lace Bugs, and Leafminers it controls. And it … Continue reading

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Where to purchase ArborSystems tree trunk injection hardware and chemicals?

Arborists, urban foresters, tree care professionals and landscaper and lawn care companies can contact their local distributors for our direct-inject tree injection system, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators (PGRs) and micronutrients. Our products can only be applied by chemical applicator … Continue reading

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Custom marketing materials available for tree care professionals.

Looking to educate homeowners and explain or sell ArborSystems tree-friendly tree care treatments? We have full color brochures available that you can add your company information for printing yourself or we can do it for you. We also offer direct … Continue reading

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Use ArborSystems no drilling system to treat Emerald Ash Borer.

The Wedgle direct-inject tree injection system is the only injection process that does not require drilling for Ash trees. The Wedgle uses a needle-like injection tip that is pushed through the bark. Other injection systems require you to first drill … Continue reading

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