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FAQ – What do I do with the WedgeCheks (plugs) that I am not using?

We have a WedgeChek Exchange program. It allows you to exchange one bundle of WedgeCheks for one Wedgle or Portle Tip and two bundles for a Portle Palm Tip. At no charge! How many bundles do you get free with … Continue reading

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FAQ – What is the difference between the Wedgle standard kit and deluxe kit?

Every ArborSystems Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System purchase includes everything you need in an all-in-one case at no extra charge. The deluxe kit has a Tip Setter and twelve Portle Tips (five 1.5” tips, five .75” tips and two .5” … Continue reading

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FAQ – Should you use Wedgle or Portle tips to treat hardwoods?

The Wedgle Tip is used with self-sealing WedgeCheks which keeps the chemical in the tree when the tip is withdrawn. The Portle Tip has ports along the length of the tip which inject chemical at multiple locations. It is dependent … Continue reading

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FAQ – WedgeCheks (plugs) Exchange Program works for you.

One bundle of WedgeCheks, sufficient to make 130 injections, is included with every 120 ml chemical pack. Eight bundles are included with the 1000 ml chemical pack used with our high-volume kit. WedgeCheks are self-sealing and used when making injections … Continue reading

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FAQ – Yes, WedgeCheks (plugs) are included for free with chemical purchase.

The question that was asked the most at this season’s trade shows was about how many WedgeCheks were included free of charge with each purchase of chemicals. WedgeCheks are used when making injections using the Wedgle or WedglePlus injection tips. … Continue reading

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