EZ-Ject Lance

The fastest, easiest way to selectively kill trees, stumps, woody brush

Foresters, utility managers, and agricultural producers now have an efficient, effective, economical way to control unwanted woody vegetation. With one simple movement, the spring-loaded head injects a herbicide shell into the base of a tree, stump, or brush. The herbicide is absorbed by the tree, effectively killing roots, trunk, and foliage.

Easy to use, effective

  • Each ready-to-use EZ-Ject Herbicide Shell contains a small amount of chemical held in a dry, stable form within a brass shell.
  • Systemic herbicides kill the tree completely. There is rarely any regrowth or suckers. Dead tree and stump can be removed or left to decompose naturally.

Applicator benefits

  • Lightweight, simple to use, less fatigue.
  • Easy to use in overgrown or difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Minimize exposure risks—no mixing, measuring, or spraying.
  • Safer than chain saws—no blades, flying debris, fumes, or noise.
  • Minimal training, worry-free operation.
  • Work in any weather.

Forest and crop tree benefits

  • Selectively kill undesirable trees.
  • No off-target herbicide effects.
  • Slower canopy opening allows crop trees to adapt.
  • No disease transmission.
  • Less fire hazard than mechanical options.

Environmental benefits

  • Manage vegetation in sensitive sites without drift or spill risks.
  • Thin stands without felling. No slash to impede wildlife movement.
  • Create wildlife habitat trees, such as snags for perching birds.
  • Retain beneficial foraging vegetation while controlling unwanted trees and brush.