How to treat trees fast

Take care of trees using Direct-Inject chemicals to control insects, pests and disease, improve tree health and manage tree growth.

Wedgle Direct Inject

Use Direct-Inject System - the only no-drill tree trunk injection method that is easy, fast, proven effective and tree friendly.

Prevent drilling damage

With no drilling needed, the Wedgle Direct-Inject System prevents long-term wounding, protecting tree health and vitality.

Increase effectiveness

The Wedgle Direct-Inject unit injects chemical directly into the cambial zone, right where the tree can use it. You get proven results from less chemical, lowering cost per tree.

Treat almost any tree in 5 minutes or less

No power, drills, or pumps needed. There is no guarding trees, no waiting for uptake. You’ll treat more trees in less time, reducing labor costs and increasing profits.

Direct-Inject by ArborSystems

  • Inject chemical through bark only without damaging sapwood (chemical in cambial zone dyed red for visibility).
  • Inject chemical directly through the bark without drilling. No air enters the sapwood, so chemical is readily absorbed.
  • Vascular system is undisturbed, maintaining nutrient movement.
  • Chemical is placed in the cambial zone, where it is used most effectively—you’ll see improved results from less chemical.
  • Multiple or annual treatments can be made without injuring the tree.

Drilling damage by other types of injection systems

  • Drilling wounds compartmentalize disrupting nutrient movement
    Photo courtesy Shigo and Trees, Associates
  • Drilling for injections allows air
    into the sapwood, disrupting translocation and reducing chemical effectiveness.
  • Air entering the vascular system disrupts nutrient movement.
  • Drilled holes often extend beyond active layers, so chemical is lost in non-active wood where the tree cannot use it.
  • Drilling wounds cause permanent damage. Repeated drilling can seriously impact tree vitality.