Delivers proven results compared to foliage spray or soil drenching.

Effectively Inject Palms

ArborSystems specially-designed Pointle Palm Injection Tip and Tip Setter places the chemical into the active areas of palms where it can be easily absorbed. The Pointle PalmTip has a pointed end that aids the tip in getting into the toughest plants. The chemical ports are recessed to minimize plant material from clogging the tip. Click here for more information on Direct Injection Tips.

“Arborists and tree care professionals are using our palm injections of Pointer insecticide to treat spiraling whiteflies instead of foliage spray or soil drenching which fills a homeowner’s yard with chemicals,” said Chip Doolittle, president of ArborSystems.

Treat more types of palms, more effectively with ArborSystems trunk injection hardware and chemicals. Chemicals are delivered fast and effectively at a known dose rate with virtually no environmental exposure associated with foliage spray, soil injection or drenching.

Proven control of Whiteflies and Royal Palm Bugs

Treat for Rugose Spiraling Whiteflies and Royal Palm Bugs with Pointer Insecticide.

Provides seasonal suppression for a variety of diseases

ArborSystems ready-to-use systemic antibiotic for palms, ornamental trees and large woody shrubs  provide seasonal suppression for diseases listed below. Preventive application is more effective than suppressive treatment in trees showing disease symptoms.

Terrier antibiotic treats:

  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch in Elm, Oak, Sycamore, Oleander, Sweet Gum (Liquidambar)
  • Fire Blight in Mountain Ash
  • Ash Yellows in Ash
  • Phloem Necrosis in Elm, also called Elm Yellow

Springer antibiotic treats:

  • Lethal Yellow Disease (phytoplasma disease) in palms.