Don't drill...Direct-Inject TM

Wedgle Direct-Inject

Use Direct-Inject System : the only no-drill tree trunk injection method. It’s easy, fast, proven effective and tree friendly.

Direct-Inject Chemicals

Take care of trees using Direct-Inject chemicals to control disease, insects and pests; improve tree health; and manage tree growth.

Insects and Pests

Direct-Inject insecticides protect trees against many destructive pests, preventively and curatively.

Diseases and Conditions

Provide proven protection against harmful tree diseases with Direct-Inject fungicides.

Emerald Ash Borer

Pointer Insecticide has saved thousands of ash trees since 2001 from EAB, preventively and curatively, even in heavily infested areas.


Direct-Inject conifers and pines effectively to reduce Pine Wilt risk, prevent Diplodia Tip Blight and boost tree health.


Treat for Rugose Spiraling Whiteflies with Pointer Insecticide or Lethal Yellow disease with Springer Antibiotic, both with the Portle Palm Injection Tip.


Now available in direct–injection for Bacterial Leaf Scorch, Fire Blight, Ash Yellows, Elm Yellow, Lethal Yellow disease, etc.

Plant Growth Regulators

Manage growth of trees planted too close to homes, sidewalks and power lines or blocking view. Reducing fruiting and seed pods on messy trees.


Improve tree health and appearance and boost recovery from chlorosis, drought or transplant stress with Nutriboosters.

How-To Videos

How-To Info/Videos

See videos on how to use Direct-Inject System, overview, adjustments, using the Portle tip for injecting conifers, etc.

Wedgle, Portle & Portle Palm Injection Tips

The original Wedgle Tip is ideal for most hardwoods. Portle Tips for conifers and some hardwoods. New Portle Palm Tip to penetrate palms.